Saturday, June 12, 2010

Long Reach Stapler

Have you ever got irritated in a situation when you have to staple a bundle or large sized documents? Regrettably the regular, small one will not work in such cases. Any Attempts to staple with regular small sized one will only cause your documents to screw up or fold. In order to maintain the orderliness and presentation of documents a long reach stapler would be needed.
One of the tips for organization and presentation skills of work table are to have the tools that are needed all ready, so that unnecessary folds or creasing can be avoided. Tools for both small and large documents should be at hand. In times of need, small or large sized documents can be organized with the help pf small or long sized stapler respectively.
With the help of a long arm stapler all the large sized documents are nicely assembled giving a new and neat look as the documents are conveniently put together without folding the documents. The length of the stapler gives enough room between its placement position and place where staples are needed. This way, bulky document are compiled for important client presentation giving a good impression without folds or creases. The long arm stapler is useful not only for office use but also for students who have to put together large documents or assignment and submit them on time. This way they would look neat, organized and remarkably put together.
A lot of brands offer of various quality, long reach staplers in different designs and colors, so that to chose according to your mood and likes. But what matters most is how it works. A long reach stapler can cent percent ensure that all your documents are in order so that there is no need to worry about handing over smooth and sophisticated set of documents, putting a good impression on its receiver.

Types of Long Reach Stapler

Some different kinds of Long Reach staplers available in the market are:

Swingline Long Reach Stapler:

Swingline code no. 34121 [SWI34121]: A Heavy-Duty 12” Long Reach Stapler with 20 Sheets stapling capacity. It is available in Black color. It is perfect for center stapling or fastening cards. It can staple 12” from the edge of the page.

Office Depot Brand Long Reach Stapler:

This stapler is available in Black and Blue.

Mini Booklet Stapler

It is lightweight with a plastic body and slightly longer than the palm of hand. It uses mini staples and can only staple 15 pages at a time.

Electric and Manual Long Reach Staplers

It is a Long Reach Automatic Electric Stapler, S-700-1NHL and can be adjusted to a depth to 9-1/4". It Staples automatically when papers are placed in, stapling 2-40 sheets with width of 20-lb. paper at a time. It is best for large sheets, display cards, calendars, etc. It is manufactured in U.S.A.

SPARCO SPR01316 Long Reach Stapler
Stanley-Bostitch Long-Reach Stapler - Black
Honeywell SPR01316 - Sparco Long Reach Stapler
Swingline Heavy Duty Long Reach Stapler:
Swingline Long Reach Stapler

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Heavy duty Long Reach Stapler

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